• Fumebuddy Air Filtration System
    Fumebuddy Air Filtration System

    The CellTec FumeBuddy Air Filtration System is a novel portable instrument designed to remove hazardous vapours from a localised working area. Specifically developed for use in histopathology laboratories the FumeBuddy filter cartridge removes both formaldehyde as well as solvent vapours such as xylene, and iso propyl alcohol, whilst the BactiGuard pre-filter eliminates most microbes and viruses.

    The FumeBuddy is designed to operate safely, even when used continuously 24 hours per day. The FumeBuddy uses state of the art filtration technology to remove potential harmful vapours, it is fitted with a powerful variable speed fan which draws contaminated air through a sealed filter cartridge unit. The filter cartridge contains activated carbon filters specifically developed to target, bind and neutralize formaldehyde and solvent vapours. Clean air is released via a vent at the rear of the instrument.

    The Bactiguard anti-microbial pre-filter contains two compounds which work in series to destroy microbes and viruses. Quaternary ammonium weakens the cell wall and causes the constituents within the cell to leak out, which allows isthiazolone to enter the cell and disrupt cellular activity causing the cell to die. BactiguardTM pre-filters are successful in eliminating bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli and listeria, as well as yeasts and moulds. The filter has also been shown to be very successful in eradicating a test virus ‘MS2 Coliphage’ which has a molecular size of 23nm, significantly smaller than many diseases causing viruses such as influenza which is 150 to 200nm in size.

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