Biopsy Cassettes
Biopsy Cassettes

Biopsy Cassettes


Designed for the processing and embedding of most small specimens without the need to use Biopsy Pads or Bio-Wraps. The 1mm x 1mm square holes permit fluid exchange and thorough wax infiltration. Our Biopsy cassettes are sold in a case of 2000 with the lid attached.

Ref Description Qty
0109-1100-16 White Biopsy Cassette 2000
0109-1100-08 Green Biopsy Cassette 2000
0109-1100-02 Blue Biopsy Cassette 2000
0109-1100-07 Grey Biopsy Cassette 2000
0109-1100-12 Pink Biopsy Cassette 2000
0109-1100-09 Lilac Biopsy Cassette 2000
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