Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC500

Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC500


Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC500 For Paraffin Blocks

All elements in the modular paraffin embedding center are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and operating comfort.


Innovative design and functionality for flexible working method.

The heated working surfaces are thermally insulated towards the operator and ergonomically shaped. Spacious, heated working area with a non-glare illumination with white LED lights. Adjustable paraffin dispenser paddle to accommodate “Mega cassettes” and “Super Megacassettes”. Built in wax trimmer. Urgent biopsies can be embedded any time even in “standby mode”.


Versatile configuration for enhanced user-friendliness.

Clear, user friendly keyboard for easy programming and setup of working parameters. The automatic timer allows energy-saving operation by automatic turning on and off via automatic calculation of the individual pre-heating times.


Ergonomics and functionality for better processing.

Two storages of large capacity, independently heated, for molds and cassettes. The paraffin reservoir has a capacity of 5 liters to guarantee continuous operation even at high specimen capacity. Surplus paraffin is guided into waste drawers, easily accessible from the front side, that can easily be emptied.


  • Large cooling surface for up to 60 cassettes/molds.
  • Selectable temperature between 0 and -12º C.
  • Steady temperature distribution over the entire surface.
  • Allow placement on the right or left side of dispensing console.
  • Stand-alone operation possible.



  • 5 liter paraffin reservoir.
  • Knob to adjust paraffin flow.
  • Paraffin flow can be released manually (touch plate) or via footswitch (accessory).
  • Adjustable paraffin dispenser paddle to accommodate “Mega cassettes” and “Super Mega cassettes”.
  • White LED light illumination.
  • 8 heated holes for forceps wells.
  • Two built in paraffin trimmer.
  • Cooling spot integrated into the working surface.
  • 2 front drawers for surplus paraffin.
  • Integrated connector for electrically heated tweezers.
  • Large field magnifier (accessory).




  • Accepts baskets from any common tissue processor.
  • Cassette storage of huge capacity, featuring two removable trays with capacity for two baskets ( 200 cassettes) or 3 baskets ( 300 cassettes) without trays.
  • High profile cover for cassette storage.
  • Mold storage with capacity for more than 300 molds.
  • Operation only possible if connected to embedding console.
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