T-Handle Jamshidi™ Needles (Crown Tip)

T-Handle Jamshidi™ Needles (Crown Tip)


The streamlined, ergonomic design and super sharp tip of the T-handle Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy / aspiration needle make it a top choice for comfort and superior cortical penetration.


The two-piece T-handle design is procedurally efficient, simple to use and fits comfortably in your hand. The two-piece T-handle is also designed to provide tactile feedback and increased control during needle insertion.


THE T-HANDLE JAMSHIDITM BONE MARROW BIOPSY NEEDLE features a trocar-tapered stylet point and a triple-crown cannula tip. These features provide a sharp, effective cutting edge for superior cortical penetration and medullary advancement that requires 25 % less physical force. Available with or without the marrow acquisition cradle, the T-handle JamshidiTM needle allows clinicians to tailor the device to individual patient needs.

Needles are packaged sterile with a probe and probe guide. 10 needles per case.

Ref Description Qty
TJC3513 13G x 89 mm Needles Only 10
TJC4011 11Gx 101 mm Needles Only 10
TJC6011 11G x 152 mm Needles Only 10
TJC4008 8G x 101 mm Needles Only 10
TJC6008 8G x 152 mm Needles Only 10
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