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The LUMEA BxChip™, provides greater security for needle core biopsies during processing.Cores can be processed safely within the sectionable matrix, greatly reducing the manual handling required. This technique allows multiple cores (up to 12) to be processed simultaneously whilst reducing the risk of fragmentation. The BxChip™ allows laboratories to save time by eliminating several tissue transfer steps and save money by dramatically reducing the number of consumables required.

The x-ray transparent chip is available in numerous configurations to best suit your needs. Users can choose the most suitable needle core gauge, pack size, chip size, chip design, fixative used, and add customisation information if required. BxChips can accommodate an 18 gauge for prostate biopsies as well as 12, 14 and 16 gauge needle core biopsies for other tissues. Please contact our office for a full brochure on this product.

Code Channels Chips Packs Width Height Channel Separator Thickness Channel Depth Channel Width Packed In
EBS-BxC 001C 6 1 10 22 17.5 1.3 2.2 0.95 0.8 Formalin
EBS-BxC 001Cs 6 1 10 22 17.5 1.3 2.2 0.95 0.8 Saline
EBS-BxC 005C 6 1 10 22 19.3 1.6 2.2 0.95 0.8 Formalin
EBS-BxC 001C 6 1 10 22 19.3 1.6 2.2 0.95 0.8 Saline
Sku Description Qty
lumea LUMEA BxChip 1


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