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pfm Waterbath 1000

pfm Waterbath 1000

The pfm Waterbath 1000 is a modern, newly designed waterbath for stretching paraffin sections in the histology laboratory. It can be used in routine practice, research and industry.


Triple illumination The instrument is equipped with triple illumination. The water surface can be illuminated with white, blue or blue/white glare-free light.

Precise temperature adjustment The desired working temperature is reached after approximately five minutes.The temperature can be adjusted easily and precisely.The electronic temperature control is set over the touch-screen.

Clear touch-screen display The clear and user friendly digital touch-screen on the front of the pfm Waterbath 1000 displays all current user settings.

Protective devices In addition to protection against overheating there is a minimum water level sensor.The mains connector is set inside the housing to protect against splashes of water.

Easy to clean and maintain The housing of the pfm Waterbath 1000 is made from one complete block of aluminium.The light anodised surface is easy to clean.The tank itself is made completely from black anodised aluminium.


  • Housing: anodised aluminium
  • Water tank: black anodised aluminium
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and precise adjustment of the water temperature
  • Overheating protection device to avoid overheating and damage even when the waterbath is empty
  • Power supply protected from water
  • Water level control via sensor
  • Blue marking to show where to empty the water
  • Triple illumination (white, blue, blue/white)
  • Clear digital touch-screen with electronic temperature

Tech. Data

  • Dimensions overall (W/D/H): 280 x 386 x 77.5 mm
  • Dimensions water tank (W/D/H): 178 x 200 x 56 mm
  • Max. usable depth: 56 mm
  • Filling level: 50 mm
  • Tank capacity: 1.77 l
  • Heated rim (W): 50 mm, revolving
  • Temperature range: up to +60 °C
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • Instrument fuse, primary circuit: T 6.3 A
  • Power supply: 220 - 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 1200 VA

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