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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

The carbon filters provide a high-value low cost alternative to original manufacturer equipment filters used on many histology laboratory instruments.

The cartridges contain a high grade activated carbon which will absorb most organic and inorganic vapours including xylene, toluene methanol, neutral buffered formalin 10%, isopropyl alcohol and industrial denatured alcohol. 

To ensure air quality in the laboratory is maintained to safe and acceptable standards, it is essential that the carbon filters in equipment using solvents and other potentially harmful products are replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended interval.  Failure to do so may result in excessive  vapours building up in the laboratory environment.

Sku Description Qty
LC100 Leica Autostainer XL ST5010 1
LC100 Leica Multistainer ST5020 1
LC100 Leica Linear Stainer ST4040 1
LC200 Leica Coverslipper CV5000 1
LC300 Leica Tissue Processor TP1050 1
LC400 Leica Tissue Processor ASP300/ASP3005 1
T200 Thermo Scientific (Shandon) GLX Stainer 1
T200 Thermo Scientific (Shanodon) HyperClean Fume Hood 1
T100 Thermo Scientific (Shandon) HyperClean (Enhanced) 1
T200 Thermo Scientific (Shandon) Consul/ClearVue Coverslipper 1
T200 Thermo Scientific (Shandon) Excelsior Tissue Processor 1
T200 Varistain Stainer/Gemini ES Stainer 1
S100 Tissue-Tek ( sakura) DRS Stainer 1
S200 Tissue-Tek (Sakura) SCA Coverslipper 1
S300 Tissue-Tek (Sakura) Prisma Range - VIP6 - Express X50 1
S400 Tissue-Tek (Sakura) Express X120 1
S500 Tissue-Tek (Sakura) VIP5 - VIP Jnr - E-150 - E-300 1


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