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Coverslipping Instrument

Coverslipping Instrument

A simplified, reliable and low-maintenance instrument. Special features such as a multilingual operating touch screen, adjustable settings for the length of tape between the range of 45 and 70mm and accurate dosage of the necessary xylene. Equipped with a self sharpening knife, a sensor controlled coverslipping process combined with a 3 x faster than glass coverslipper capacity. The CM1260 is the future in coverslipping.


Maximum Output: 1260 slides per hour
Slide Dimension: 26 x 76mm, thickness 0,9-12,2mm
Weight: 64kg
Dimensions: 75,5cm (W) x 32,5cm (D) 62,5c, (H)
Solvent: Xylene
Tape: Histo-Tape (cat # 3020)
Slide Rack Capacity: 20 slides.

Also available slide racks for only 5 slides. All slide racks are able to fit all major staining instruments.

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Coverslipping Instrument


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