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Power Supply: AC 200v 50hz
Power consumption: 150W max
Filter: 250mm x 190mm x 70 stainless steel housing with Activated carbon flakes/pellets
Fans: 2 x 12V fans. 1 x 172mm and 1 x 120mm total 40W.
Fan controller: Built in PWM fan speed controller board (12V) 50% to 100% variable
Ozone controller: 4 settings, 10min, 15min, 20min, 25min with RESET button
Ozone generating capacity: 10mg/hr
Country of origin: South Africa


Operating Instructions:

The Fuminator requires a 220V power supply. Plug the Fuminator lead into the plug socket on the wall and switch the wall socket on.

Before switching the unit on, place the front of the unit as near to the working area where chemicals are being used as possible. The front of the unit is the side with the 4 buttons. The back of the unit is where the power cable connects.

Before dispensing and using chemicals, switch the Fuminator unit on at the back of the machine. Adjust the speed of the fans of the unit with the black knob on the front of the machine. It is advised to use a slower speed initially which can be increased should the user decide.

The Fuminator unit has 2 built in fans, one to draw air away from the working area before a carbon filter and a second fan to help pull the air through the carbon filter and to exhaust the air from the unit.

Filter replacement:

The Fuminator filter is designed to have the internal carbon material replaced rather than replacing the whole filter. Depending on the frequency of use of the device and the concentration of the fumes it is used to extract, this filter medium should be replaced once a year or more frequently.

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