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Metal Filing Cabinets for blocks and slides

Metal Filing Cabinets for blocks and slides

The block filing cabinets are equipped with 8 metal drawers. The slide cabinets are equipped with 14 drawers. Optional a metal base and top are available to complete your cabinets. Both slide and block cabinets are stackable and can be expended at any time later.

A - Metal Filing Cabinet Base

B - Metal Filing cabinet Lid

C - Metal Slide Storage Cabinet - 14 Drawer

D - Metal Slide Storage Cabinet - For Paran Blocks - 14 Drawer

E - Metal base with Wheels

Sku Description Qty
0510-0006 Cabinet Base 1
0510-0007 Cabinet Lid 1
0510-0008 Storage Cabinet - 14 drawer 1
0510-0009 Storage Cabinet - for paraffin blocks - 14 drawer 1
0510-0029 Base with wheels 1


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