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Myr Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome

Myr Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome

User interface available in a full colour TFT 7” display with PCAD (projective capacitive) Touchscreen.
Button Memory function (MEM) useful for retrieval of previous cutting settings when working with
uniform paraffin blocks.

Big capacity and easy to mount waste tray. Ergonomic design that includes surface for arm rest.

Cutting-edge design of the Quick Release Clamp that prevents building up of dirt and facilitates operations with the microtome.

Equipped with a specimen orientation head that works with different specimen clamp types and an easy-to-operate change system thanks to the blocking mechanism.

Technical Data
• Section thickness: 0.5 – 100 µ
• Trimming Mode: 1-600µ
• Specimen Feed: 28 ±1mm.
• Vertical stroke (mm): 72 ±1mm for sectioning of mega-cassettes.
• Operating modes: Rotational or Rocking (selectable).
• Dimensions (W/D/H): 465 x 540 x 298mm
• Weight: 31.5kg
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M-240 Myr Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome 1


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