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Tissue Tampers

Tissue Tampers

Designed to work effectively and easily for flattening tissue within the embedding mould.  The shaft stays cool, even when the base is hot.

Sku Description Qty
TT2001 Standard Square-Base Plate 1.27cm x 1.27cm 2
TT2002 Standard Round-Base Plate 1.27cm diameter 2
TT2003 Standard Medium-Base Plate 1.905cm x 1.43cm 2
TT2004 Large Square-Base Plate 1.905cm x 2.69cm 2
TT2001SS Standard small base plate 1.27cm x 1.27cm 2
TT2002SS Standard medium base plate 1.9cm x 1.4cm 2
TT2004SS Large base plate 1.9cm x 2.7cm 2


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